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Anytime Express is proudly associated with DHL to provide reliable and affordable DHL courier services in Delhi NCR area. Our team is always available to deliver your packages with cost-effective DHL courier services to/ from anywhere in the world. We offer all sorts of international courier services from DHL including Express Shipping, Parcel Delivery, Shipments for e-commerce, Mail Services, Freight Transport, Supply Chain Solutions, Warehousing, and Distribution Services.

We offer DHL international courier services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Mewat, Meerut, Ghaziabad, and all of the NCR area.

Why choose DHL Courier Services?

Here are the benefits you get by choosing services by DHL International Courier in Delhi by Anytime Express:

  • Experienced and highly trusted services
  • Same-day express delivery
  • Free Expert Documentation
  • Fastest and secure parcel delivery
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Paperless billing
  • Hassle-free online tracking
  • Solution for all logistic of any scale and need

DHL Courier Charges from Delhi to USA

WeightIndia to USA Courier Charges
0.5 KGRs. 2200
1 KGRs. 2400
2 KGRs. 3000
3 KGRs. 3500
4 KGRs. 4350
5 KGRs. 5230
6 KGRs. 5850
7 KGRs. 6450
8 KGRs. 7000
9 KGRs. 7650
10 KGRs. 8300
11 KGRs. 9150
12 KGRs. 10,000
13 KGRs. 10800
14 KGRs. 11500
15 KGRs. 12300
16 KGRs. 13500
17 KGRs. 14200
18 KGRs. 15250
19 KGRs. 16000
20-25 KGRs. 16250 – 20000
25-30 KGRs. 20000 – 25000
30+ KGRs. 700 per kg
India to USA Courier Charges

Required Documents

  • For Individual-to-individual: Adhar Card/Passport/PAN
  • For Company-to-individual:
    • Photo ID Of Auth. Signatory
    • Signature Prof Of Auth Signatory
    • IEC of Company Or Electricity Bill And Landline bill
    • KYC Form Signature and Stamp on 3 pages
    • GST Registration number
    • Invoice & packing list
  • For commercial parcel
    • IEC COPY
    • AD code on bank letterhead original Or Last shipping bill copy
    • Letterhead declaration for custom request or Last shipping bill copy
    • SLI
    • SDF
    • Anax A
    • GSP or chamber in the case of Europe
    • Pan Card
    • Invoice on Letterhead
    • Packing List
    • KYC form
    • Passport size photo with self-attested stamp and signature
    • Authorized Signature Photo ID, Signature prof, and Address Proof
    • LUT Certificate

The above mentioned Delhi to USA courier charges are only rough estimates for DHL international courier to USA from Delhi. It is subject to change with the exact destination, type of package and the volumetric weight of the package.


  • Per kg costs may vary with items that incur surcharge.
  • Remote areas incur extra charges.
  • Charges are based on dimensional or volumetric weight.
  • Shipping or delivery time mentioned above are based on actual business days they may vary. Same may also change if subject to any unexpected circumstances.
  • Not all items can be sent through an international courier. Check our list for restricted items.
  • We provide free packaging for our clients.

India to USA Shipping Time

It takes about 1-7 working days to deliver your packages to most cities like New York. However, if the destination is remote and not easily accessible, it may take more time. Once you finalise your destination, our team will inform you about the delivery time and all other estimates.

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    DHL Courier Services with Anytime Express

    From express services to warehousing & distribution, DHL provides world-class international courier services and is a known leader in the industry. You can easily send your parcels, couriers, and shipments with our DHL international courier services to any destination around the world.

    DHL Express or DExpress

    This is a door-to-door express service best suited to deliver international parcels and documents.

    DHL e-Commerce Solutions

    DHL provides hassle-free logistic services for e-commerce including conventional domestic and international pick-up/ delivery, and return parcel services. This logistics and facilitation service is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

    Freight Transport by DHL

    We offer freight and large items transportation via all modes – Air, Land, and Water. Choose the transportation mode that best fits your needs. These are the freight services we offer from DHL: Air, Ocean, Road & Rail.

    Supply Chain Services by DHL

    Being the world’s largest logistics service provider, DHL provides a comprehensive suite of services and supply chain experts to provide you with the best solutions. We help you with your logistic needs for your supply chain businesses with our partner DHL.

    DHL Mail

    If you want to deliver your business mail, dialogue marketing campaigns, and low-weight postal, then our DHL Mail Services are designed to meet your needs. DHL is a specialist for international postal solutions, and you can deliver your mails at affordable rates with DHL Mail Services.

    Warehousing & Distribution Solutions

    We offer comprehensive warehousing & distribution management services by DHL. We ensure you that with DHL warehousing & distribution services, you can effectively deliver your service promise to your customers across the world.

    DHL Courier Van
    DHL Courier Van
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    DHL and Anytime Express

    Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn International GmbH (DHL) is one of the leading couriers and expresses mail service providers. DHL is a division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post (the world’s largest logistics company) and was founded in 1969 in the United States. Currently, DHL is providing services across the globe. Every year, DHL delivers over 1.5 billion parcels. You can ship your product to any international destination.

    DHL is a leading international express courier provider and we believe in providing the best networks to deliver your couriers. We are one of the trusted logistics service providers known for top-quality services. With us, you can get DHL services to send your documents, packages, and freights without any hassle. Our extensive team of associates is always working to ship your parcels, documents, or other things, wherever you want, along with guaranteed services. 

    We are known to provide our clients with reliable, cost-effective, and timely international courier service. Contact us now for your courier needs.


    How can I order the DHL Service?

    If you want easy and hassle-free service, fill out the contact form and get a free quote.
    or Call us at +91-8851473292 or +91-9821209249 or Send us a message on WhatsApp.

    Is DHL service available in Delhi?

    Yes, DHL services are easily available in Delhi.

    What can not be sent from DHL?

    Illegal items and hazardous goods can not be sent through DHL. Check our list of what you can and can not send through couriers.

    How long does DHL take to deliver?

    The delivery time varies with the distance to the destination. It usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks to deliver internationally.

    Which is better: DHL or FedEx?

    Both DHL and FedEx have their pros and cons. Your choice should depend on your needs and requirements. 

    How do I track my parcel for your DHL international courier service?

    You can track your parcel using the tracking code on our website or by inquiring with us via phone call.

    How do I book your DHL international courier service?

    You can book our international DHL courier services by contacting us on one of your easiest mediums. Once you confirm the order details via phone call, whatsapp, email or form, we will estimate your charges/delivery time, pick up your package from your desired location and deliver it to the destination.

    Do you offer door to door services?

    Yes, we offer door to door services and free pickup/delivery in Delhi NCR.

    Do I need documentation for customs & KYC to send parcels via DHL?

    Yes, you need those but you can leave that to us. We will take care of it while you provide the required documents.

    What are the charges for DHL international courier service?

    International courier charges for DHL depend on the volumetric weight, type of package and the destination.

    How do I calculate volumetric weight for DHL international courier?

    You can calculate the volumetric weight by measuring the length, breadth & height of the package and using it in the formula:
    length*width*height/305 (if dimensions are in inches) 
    length*width*height/5000 (if dimensions are in cms).