Fedex Courier in Delhi NCR

We offer all of the international FedEx courier services in Delhi NCR. Home deliveries, overnight services, priority service, commercial shipping and even more. With us, you can take send your courier with fast and reliable FedEx international courier services in Delhi at cheap rates. We, at Anytime Express are always working to delivering your shipment on time and in the right condition. 

Why choose FedEx Courier Services with us?

Whether you need an urgent shipment or want to deliver your parcel securely, you can trust our international courier service by FedEx in Delhi. We are proudly associated with FedEx to provide your best services and solutions at a cost-effective rate.

  • Free pickup and packaging in Delhi NCR
  • Door to door delivery services
  • Wide range of services to match all of your needs
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free documentation
  • Easy payment options
  • Seamless tracking feature
  • Competitive pricing

Services by FedEx Courier in Delhi

FedEx International Shipment

FedEx provides international import and export services and you can easily import/export goods across the world. We offer real-time online tracking of your shipments to deliver your packages efficiently.

Overnight Shipping

Overnight shipping services are designed to meet your tight deadline needs. This service is for you to deliver your items within the next business day.

Ground Shipping

It is for package deliveries within 1-5 businesses days.

Freight Shipping

If you want to deliver a large item (of more than 150lbs), standard freight shipping service is for you. Transportation options include air, land, or water.

Flat Rate Shipping

FedEx Flat Rate shipping meets the need for express shipments of parcels under 50 lbs. This service is cost-effective and quick to send your food items, packages, envelopes, and other small packages. You can easily send your products internationally using flat-rate shipping services.

Shipping Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods with FedEx

In case you want to deliver some household items like batteries, or your item contains hazardous materials, you can deliver them by using FedEx special services. Many hazardous products like explosives, weapons, animals, illegal items, etc., are strictly prohibited and cannot be shipped, imported due to regulatory and safety purposes. However, some dangerous goods can be sent through FedEx as per the regulations and policy. Do inquire us if you have any queries. 

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    FedEx International Courier and Anytime Express

    FedEx is an American multinational logistic and delivery service provider in the world. It was founded in 1971 as Federal Express, now known as FedEx. Its comprehensive services and overtime deliveries have reached around 7000 pin codes in India and over 220 countries worldwide FedEx has been a leader in the industry for several decades with innovative features to track your order and to get on-time delivery. It is one of the best international courier service providers and counted as the topmost contractor for the US government.  

    We, Anytime Express have collaborated to offer widely known services of FedEx courier in Delhi. Through our network, you can deliver your parcel to/from Delhi to any country in the world at an affordable rate with FedEx international courier in Delhi by Anytime Express. On choosing our FedEx courier services in Delhi you can get all of the FedEx services like flat rate, surface shipping, overnight shipping, real-time tracking, and International shipping as needed for your requirements.


    How can I order the FedEx Service in Delhi?

    If you are searching for hassle free FedEx international courier service in Delhi, contact us by filling up the form or call us at +91-8851473292 or +91-9821209249 or send us a message on WhatsApp.

    Is FedEx courier service available in Delhi?

    Yes. We, Anytime Express offer FedEx international courier services in Delhi with pickups anywhere inside India.

    What can not be sent from FedEx?

    Illegal items and hazardous goods can not be sent via FedEx courier services. What can or can not be sent varies with destination/sender country rules and regulations.

    How many days does FedEx take to deliver packages internationally?

    The delivery time varies with the distance to the destination and the service type or the package you choose. In general, it takes a few days to a couple of weeks to deliver internationally.

    How do I track my parcel for your FedEx international courier service?

    You can track your parcel sent through FedEx using the tracking code on our website or by inquiring with us via phone call.

    How do I book your FedEx international courier service?

    You can book our international FedEx courier services by contacting us on one of your easiest mediums. Once you confirm the order details via phone call, whatsapp, email or form, we will pick up your package from your desired location and deliver it to the destination.

    Do you offer door to door services?

    Yes, we offer door to door services and free pickup/delivery in the Delhi NCR area.

    Do I need to prepare documentation to send packages via FedEx?

    Yes, you need documentation to send parcels internationally. Luckily, our experts will take care of it.

    How much does it cost to send packages internationally via FedEx?

    FedEx international courier charges depend on the service type choosen, volumetric weight, type of package and the destination. Feel free to inquire us to know the exact charges.

    How do I calculate volumetric weight for FedEx international courier package?

    You can calculate the volumetric weight for courier packages by measuring the length, breadth & height of the package and using it in the formula: length*width*height/305 (if dimensions are in inches) OR length*width*height/5000 (if dimensions are in centimeters).